Quantum Communication
Space and Time; The Twin Paradox

Years ago I had been thinking about the Einstein’s twin paradox because, we because sometimes I am a bit geeky in that way. Something always felt just a bit off about time dilation. I know, Einstein is a genius, and I am not a physicist by any stretch of the imagination. Just a guy who probably read and watched too much science fiction growing up.

Anyway, I had forgotten all about my personal theory until I recently came across an article on ScienceAlert.com.  The article is basically about direct counterfactual quantum communication being achieved for the first time.

What is “direct counterfactual quantum communication”?  Basically it is communication between 2 recipients without an exchange of particles. Why did this remind me of my thoughts about the Twin Paradox?  Well, because what Einstein referred to as “spooky action at a distance” which is now know as “quantum entanglement” is what prompted my thoughts on Einsteins Twin Paradox. Since I am not smart enough to explain these matters on my own, I will share a couple short videos that do a good job of explaining them.

First a short, simple video explaining Einstein’s Twin Paradox.

and now a short video explaining quantum entanglement.


So once I had a basic understanding of these 2 concepts I began to imagine that if 2 particles were entangled with opposite spins, whenever you changed the spin of 1 particle, the other would change instantly no matter how far away it was.

So theoretically, if you could control the spin of enough particles at once, you could create a digital communication system with both audio and video. A particle spinning 1 direction would represent a “0” and the opposite direction would represent a”1″. Bingo! Digital.

So if you had a digital video chat created this was, communication would be in real time, regardless of distance, speed, or acceleration. I believe real time communication would erase any time dilation. Imagine you are talking to someone on a rocket ship traveling at near light speed. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, time slows down the closer to the speed of light you get.  The Twin Paradox presumes that a person standing still experiences time at a different rate than a person traveling at near light speed as a result of time dilation.

But with instant and constant, real time communication between the 2, I believe the time dilation would disappear. So why do I believe that? Because I believe it may not be the speed or acceleration that is messing with the measurement of time, but rather the rate of the exchange of information that creates the discrepancy.

This is also why the measurement of a particle in the Double Slit Experiment can appear to change its behavior. You also might read up on “Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser”. The implications become quite incredible.

Don’t get me wrong. I am no Einstein. I am sure I have missed something obvious. I just thought I would go ahead and share my thoughts on this. This is Try Decaf, thats what this blog is all about….lol