Copenhagen Interpretation
Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser

Before we get started I want to admit, right up front, that I am not a quantum physicist. Quantum physics is just a topic that I find extremely interesting. The implications of some of the experiments are absolutely mind blowing. Today I am sharing a video I came across that talks about the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment.

Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Experiment

This is is basically an offshoot of the “double slit experiment” which I talked about in an earlier post which included a video as well. I imagine if you are reading this, that you are not a physicist, as the purpose of this post is only to share my amazement at the implications of this experiment. You should probably read through my earlier post linked above, before going further.

Okay, 2 things you should know. First, I tend to adhere to the Copenhagen interpretation of the double slit experiement. Secondly, and here is where I sound a bit crazy. While I understand that quantum physics deals with extremely small particles, atoms and sub atomic particles, I have always that size is relative so I look at quantum physics to have an impact on the macro world to some degree.

Now, the implications of the Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Experiment are summed up as, conscious observation and measurement of an action can can have an historic impact on said action. In other words, a conscious observation of reality changes the history of that reality. By measuring the end location of a moving particle, you change the path that particle took to arrive at its destination. By observing the present, you change the past.

Pretty crazy? Well I am including a video that does a much better job of explaining it.