United or Divided
Who is Dividing America?

For more then a year, Democrats, and even some Republicans, have been accusing Donald Trump of dividing America. The media has pushed the narrative that Donald Trump, now President Trump ran on the politics of hate and division. But is this actually true? Lets take a closer look at what kind of campaign Donald Trump ran as well as what kind of policies make up President Trumps agenda.

The Border Wall –

The Southern Border Wall
The Southern Border

One of the first campaign promises Donald Trump made was to build a wall along the entirety of our border with Mexico. Borders, by their very nature, are divisive. This campaign promise made Trump an easy target for those wanting to paint him as a divisive candidate.

Think about it for a minute though. The wall is divisive, but it is divisive between the U.S. and Mexico. The wall would not be built to prevent immigration but rather to prevent illegal penetration of our borders. In the context of this article, the wall is divisive. The wall pits Americans against those who would enter our country illegally. I guess that would be one point for the “Trump is divisive” argument. Lets move on.

Donald Trump signs an Executive order restricting travel to the United States from certain countries.

President Trump's Executive Order
Trump Restricts Travel

Again, preventing anyone from traveling to the United States whenever they want, without any restriction, might be considered divisive. I mean you could look at this as pitting Americans against other peoples of the world. The Left has interpreted this as a Muslim ban. That is absolutely false. A Muslim from England, or Germany faces no added difficulty, in traveling to the U.S. as a result of President Trump’s Executive order. But for the sake of this discussion let us assume it is a “Muslim” ban. It would still only affect non American Muslims. The division would be between Americans and non American Muslims. But it is division so score another point for “Trump is divisive” team.

Lets look at one final point that people point to that they call divisive.

Trump Divisive
Radical Islamic Terrorism

Many Republicans criticized President Obama for never using the words “Radical Islamic Terrorism”.  Too many, this was political correctness gone too far. So when Donald Trump used this phrase without apology, his supporters and many on the right, felt that it was about time, while those on the Left were aghast and called it hateful and divisive. An insult to all the Muslims who were peaceful.

Here is the thing, when you add the descriptive words or “radical” and “terrorism”, you are going out of your way to ensure that you are not talking about “Islam” in general, but rather those “radical terrorists” within Islam. This is how English works. I am a Christian, and I would have no problem with any politician being against “radical Christian terrorism”. I am not naive, there have been those who have done unspeakable things in the name of Christianity and I would fully support any attempt to prevent future unspeakable things being done in the name of Christianity.

But, I digress. Wanting to defeat “Radical Islamic Terrorism” is divisive. It divides Americans and radical Islamic Terrorists, so a third point for the “Trump is divisive team”

So there you have it, President Trump is divisive. The evidence is pretty clear on that. Here is the comparison part. President Trump, as well as candidate Trump, has always been divisive in a way that places Americans on the same side of every divide.

Americans vs. Illegal aliens

Americans vs. Illegal immigrants

Americans vs. Radical Islamic Terrorism

Compare that to the policies the Left has been pushing.

Poor Americans vs. Rich Americans

Black Americans vs. White Americans

Liberal Americans vs. Conservative Americans

Are you starting to see the difference? President Trump has been trying to unite Americans all along. It is the Democrats who are trying to keep us divided.

Take a look at a recent poll when it is segmented along Party lines.

Partisan Divide
Trump Approval by Party

Now you tell me, Trump won the election, Donald Trump is the President. Republicans seem thrilled with this, Independents seem to be accepting this, but what about Democrats. Democrats are determined to reject anything Trump does just because he is Donald Trump.

The answer to the initial question of who is dividing this country is….Democrats. Democrats are responsible for the current division in this country, and the more they push for division, the less relevant they will become.