Gun Control
Neither side is being completely honest.

A lot going on this week. One of the big stories is the Judge Roy Moore scandal.

Alabama Judge Roy Moore
Republican Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore

Just weeks before the election in Alabama, multiple women have accused Roy Moore of inappropriate behavior back in the late 1970’s and early 80’s when he was a 32 year old District Attorney.

My opinion. The Washington Post has no credibility any more when it come to investigative reporting. Especially, when it comes to political candidates they oppose.

Also, I believe some of the accusations sound a little fake. Caims of Moore making statements such as “You are only a child, and I am a DA” just sound made up. Also signing a year book of a high school girl he supposedly assaulted seems a little far fetched, especially signing it with a job title (DA). Back then he was only an Assistant DA, so it would not have been an accurate job title either.

Anyway, we will see how this all pans out.

# UCLA basketball players were detained while in China for shoplifting

UCLA Basketball
3 UCLA players detained for shoplifting in China.

President Trump, who was at the tail end of a 12 day Asia trip, was able to get the players released and sent home. Once again, the Presidents actions do not really support the White Supremacist label, the Left has tagged him with.

Also this week, a couple more shooting took place, heating up the gun debate. My opinion, neither side is being particularly honest. I support the 2nd Amendment but would be open to any sensible law that would lower the rates of gun violence without infringing on the rights of law abiding citizens. Unfortunately, I believe, the Democrats end game is a complete gun ban, which prevents many from even debating the issue any more.

In a time when half the country believes our last President was a Muslim terrorist, while the other half believes our current President is a White Supremacist Fascist. When the 1st Amendment it under Violent attack across the country, and the Global terrorist threat is so high. I absolutely do not support any more “solutions” that involve more laws or less freedom. The government has already made a grab for our health care. There are many who want them to control advanced education. We need to hold onto that 2nd Amendment.

Gun Control
Neither side is being completely honest.