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Trick or treat

Happy Halloween 2017!

So whats been happening today?

Unfortunately we had a terrorist attack in New York this afternoon. Click the link below for more information. Not in the frame of mind to try and politicize this attack. You can read about it and come to your own conclusions.

NYC Terror Attack

Laura Ingraham’s new show debuted last night on fox. The Ingraham Angle saw strong ratings, beating CNN and MSNBC right out of the gate.

New Fox Show
The Ingraham Angle

I noticed quite a few negative stories about Ingraham in the days leading up to her debut. More evidence the Left has nothing but negativity to peddle to the American people.

I also noticed a couple of Twitter users trying to get me to attack Joy Villa. Their problem is she has had some level of connection to Scientology. I told them I was not interested, and that I did not care if she practiced Scientology or not. They seem to think that I just need more proof.

MAGA Dress
Joy Villa at the Grammys

Some people just don’t get it.

I believe Joy Villa is a Patriot. I do not care if she is a Christian, or a Scientologist. She is a positive force for Patriots and until that changes she has my support. If she gets rich selling albums in the process, good for her!

One final note. NFL ratings continue to drop. I have not watched a game this season. I have also given up Budweiser Beer, who is a sponsor of the NFL.

Players disrespecting our Anthem

I have been watching a lot of college football and on Sundays I do cheat a little. I enter into weekly Fantasy Football contests. This keeps me up to date on how teams and players are doing, while at the same time giving me an opportunity to win thousands of dollars for just a buck or two.

I joined FanDuel. I like the basketball and baseball contests as well. If you need your sports fix but don’t want the disrespectful players to benefit, I put a link below. Sign up only takes a few minutes.

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