CNN is Fake News

As the media continues to relentlessly attack President Trump, they seem oblivious to the damage that has been done to their credibility.

Biased News
CNN has become no more than a tabloid

Fake news does not only refer to “made up” news, it refers to the decisions to report only news that supports a particular agenda. This has lead to an overwhelming level of negative news stories about President Trump.

Fake news
Biased News coverage

It is hard to believe, but there who still see Fox News as being a Far Right Trump ally while they have 48% negative coverage of the President. To them the 90% + of other media is more fair and balanced.

After over a year of pushing the false narrative of Trump collusion with Russia, the media has been mostly silent on all the evidence that is being uncovered linking Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration to Russia.

You can read more about it in this article from The Hill

Party Corruption
Political Dishonesty

Of course, CNN created a new ad this week proving they are real news….or maybe it proves they are a joke. Too close to call.