Kim Jung Un and the MOAB

President Trump is in the beginnings of a 12 day trip through Asia.

North Korea
President Trump begins a 12 day trip through Asia

The President was using a softer tone with Kim Jung Un, but I am sure his harsher rhetoric has not been forgotten by Rocketman or China.

Kim Jung Un and the MOAB

Remember, an American flag is a great way to show support for our military and makes a great gift for Patriots.

There was a Gubernatorial Race in Virginia today. Unfortunately, the Democrat won. This was not a surprise in the blue state of Virginia, but after the ugly ad the Left Ran, I was hoping the tide might have turned for the Republican Gillespie.

I think Democrats in office are damaging at every level, but I guess we can’t win them all. I guess the monuments in Virginia will have to take care of themselves.

Monuments under attack.
The statues fight back

Finally, Donna Brazile talked about fearing for her life after the murder of Seth Rich, in her new book. This would suggest she believed his death was more than just a random crime.

Young DNC Staffer