Democrat Apocalypse
Will you get a tax cut in 2018 or.......

It is a New Year! 2017 ended with a big win for President Trump with the passage of the Tax Bill.

Democrats fought hard to prevent the passage of a tax cut.

2018 started off a bit rough for the President with the release of the book “Fire and Fury”.

Michael Wolff
Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff


The result of this new book was not surprising. Democrats and the dishonest, Leftist media were quick to grasp at this falsehood. They wanted to talk about the 25th Amendment, and removing Trump from office. It was absolutely disgusting to see a political party in the United States actually entertaining the idea of overthrowing a sitting President.

Then Trump did an amazing, unprecedented thing. He invited the media into negotiations on the issue of DACA and immigration.


After nearly an hour of this meeting, President Trump laid to rest any false claims regarding his mental fitness to hold the office of President.

The entire world saw Trump the Leader, Trump the Negotiator.

The Democrats have no more cards to play in the early days of 2018.

Black unemployment is at its lowest level…EVER

The stock market is at its highest level…EVER

Millions are about to start seeing bigger paychecks with the tax cuts.

The Russia Collusion story is collapsing.

North Korea is having talks with South Korea.

But Trump still lied to us. We are not getting tired of WINNING!

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