Trump Nationalism
World Nationalism

Trump Nationalism – A Dark Force

“Make America Great Again”, “America First” are 2 of President Trumps most popular slogans. He ran a successful campaign on those slogans, and has begun his Presidency trying to fulfill those campaign promises. This is what the Left calls Trump Nationalism.

MAGA slogan
Make America Great again

He is not the only politician to use the “Make America Great Again” slogan or MAGA. In 1992 Bill Clinton vowed to “Make America Great Again” but then in 2016, Bill Clinton suggested the slogan was racist when Donald Trump used it. Strange how different words can have different meaning depending on who uses them and when. But we have gotten off topic. The point is, as a result of Trump Derangement Syndrome, Democrats and the Left leaning media, portray everything President Trump does as dark and evil. Nationalism is not a bad thing. Basically, nationalism is just a pride in ones country. The idea that ones country is the best. Think of it like rooting for your favorite sports team, or your school. In your heart you know everyone feels their country, their team, is the best, but with nationalism, the Left had to make it a dark and sinister idea, “Trump Nationalism”.

Nationist Lie
The Left’s False Image

The Left and the media want you to think of “white supremacy”, racism, and bigotry, when you think of Trumps nationalism. When it came to Bernie Sanders, there was “Democratic Socialism”, and the word democratic made socialism a force of good, adding Trump before nationalism, made nationalism a dark concept which is absolutely false.

Trump Nationalism – A Positive Force

Calling it Trump Nationalism does not change the nationalism that is currently sweeping this country. It does not make our nationalism like Nazi Germany nationalism, just as Democratic socialism is not like Nazi Germany socialism. We are America. When we feel pride in our country, it creates a positive force. It also unites us as “Americans”. We elected a President who vowed to put Americans first, which is as it should be. That is the job. The people of Germany, don’t get a vote in this, the people of Syria don’t get a vote in this, and the people of Mexico do not get a vote. Americans voted on this, all Americans. We all qualified to vote the same way, we are citizens of at least 18 years of age. Rich, poor, man, women, trangendered, black, white, we all got one vote and together we chose donald Trump to lead us. Together we are a positive force. This is not isolationism. The People of other countries understand this. In Poland, President Trump was met with cheering crowds. Supporters of Marine Le Pen in France are big Trump fans, and those who support Trump are fans of those Le Pen supporters. Nationalism is an ideology that can be shared by all the people of the world and we can all stand together against the oppression of Globalism.

The people of the world do not want to be subjects of the elites. The United States was an experiment in self governance, a very successful experiment. “A shining city on a hill” as President Reagan put it so perfectly.

We are the beacon of freedom and we support those who wish to follow our example. Yes, nationalism makes us feel superior to other countries and cultures, but it also gives us the realization that citizens of other countries feel the same sense of superiority over us, and we are okay with that, in fact we encourage that.

Taking pride and responsibilty in ones life is what will lead us all to greater things. We will make America great again, and by doing so will help to raise all the people of the world.