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Trump Derangement Syndrome

I will admit, I have been very critical of the Left since Bill Clinton was President. I have been aware of media bias for almost as long, but nothing could have prepared me for the horrible and often, truly bizarre behavior we have been witnessing since it became evident that Donald Trump could actually become President, and I began hearing about “Trump Derangement Syndrome”

In the beginning I think the phrase “Trump Derangement Syndrome” was thrown about tongue in cheek. Now I begin to wonder. Is it real?

What is it about Donald Trump that drives people crazy?

I want to start off with this thought. Donald Trump has been in the spotlight for a lot of years.He was actually a Democrat in 2001. He supported the Independence  Party in 1999. He was a Republican in 1987, in 2011 he had no party and in 2012 he was a Republican again. The point being, Donald Trump has been, by no means, a die hard, lifelong Republican. Often, he has stated he felt he identified more as a Democrat. His daughter Ivanka would appear to be much more a Liberal in her views than Conservative. Why is any of this even worth mentioning when talking about what is wrong with the Left?

Is Trump Derangement Syndrome a partisan condition?

Here it is. For years, Donald Trump was seen associating with the Clintons, receiving awards for his support of the black community, and hanging out with the Hollywood elites. During all that time, the media and Democrats seem to have no problem with him. He was not a saint by any stretch. He got a lot of ugly press during his well publicized divorce, but he also had friendly interviews with people like Oprah.

He was not a media darling, but again, there was very little to suggest he was the Devil in hiding.

He then wins the Republican nomination and overnight he becomes evil incarnate, Hitler reborn. He is a racist, a misogynist, a white supremacist. The Left and the media is beside themselves with a burning hatred of Donald Trump. Their reasoning, Donald Trump wanted to build a wall on our southern border, an idea with which Democrats themselves voted to fund a wall in 2006, except they called it a fence. ┬áThe “Secure Fence Act” of 2006 passed the Senate buy a vote of 80-19 with Democrat Senators Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Chuck Schumer all voting in favor of the act. It appears Trump Derangement Syndrome is brought on by partisan politics.

Supporting the Secure Fence Act
The Secure Fence Act

Think about that, call it a fence and you have support of the top Democrats, call it a wall and you are the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. That is quite the 180.

There was more though. There was the Access Hollywood tape where Billionaire Playboy Donald Trump was secretly taped speaking very lewdly about women while on the Access Hollywood set. This conversation was lewd and rude, and very demeaning to women. There is no argument about that, but basically what Donald Trump said was that because he was rich and famous women allowed him to do perverted things. Behavior unbecoming of a World Leader, absolutely. Shocking? Absolutely not. Is there anyone out there that does not believe men can get away with a lot more if they are famous and worth a billion dollars. Anyone remember a certain NBA star who claimed to have slept with 20,000 women? Remember, there were no women present during this conversation, just 2 guys privately talking trash on a Hollywood set.

Guy Talk
Private Conversation?

Now compare that to a woman who attacked women who accused her husband of sexual assault, and did it for political gain. Again, the tape was disturbing, but for it to garner hatred for Donald Trump while the same women loved Hillary Clinton, who enabled Bill Clinton, well that is just ridiculous.

The Infamous Cigar
Bill and Monica


Then there is President Trump signing a temporary order halting travel by non citizens, into the U.S. from problem areas of the world. Now consider the list of “problem areas” came from the Obama administration, as Obama himself had initiated similar restrictions.

Once again, Obama does it, no problem and no complaints. Trump does it and the Left rises up. Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer calls it “mean spirited” while fighting back fake tears. Completely over the top and outrageous.


Politics has always been ripe with hypocrisy, but this behavior, this is just crazy. Combine that with rioting and safe spaces. Students unable to take exams because Hillary did not win. Other taking to smashing windows and starting fires because they did not get what they wanted. Finally,there is ANTIFA, an actual Liberal Terrorist group. Fighting fascism by physically attacking anyone who disagrees with them and shutting down free speech. I want to say that again, they claim to fight fascism by assaulting people and shutting down free speech. Do they even understand what Fascism is?

Liberal Terrorists?


Anyway, this is how the Left has been behaving. Actually, this is just a few of the behaviors that have been particularly disturbing. There are many more examples. My whole point is, there is something off here. Donald Trump should not inspire this level of hatred. He has been around for years. I personally, did not like him. I found him to be arrogant, and I really dislike Reality television. Not liking Donald Trump, and frothing at the mouth, lose your mind hatred for this man are 2 very different things. Almost everything he has done that people say they hate him for, are things comparable to what Democrats have done and people supported them or at least had no problem.

I believe Trump Derangement Syndrome has become a real condition, and a very damaging one for our country.