The Presidents Son
11 year old Barron Trump

What is Trump Derangement Syndrome?

What started out as a tongue n cheek description of the emotional state of those who wanted Hillary Clinton to be our 45th President, has rapidly evolved into something a bit more serious, and rather disturbing. It has become a condition which allows sufferers to even attack the President’s son, Barron Trump. I have already covered this topic in my earlier post,

Trump Derangement Syndrome – Is it Real?

and things seem to have only gotten worse since that first article, 5 weeks ago. It has now become so bad that attacks on Barron Trump have been escalating. According to Urban Dictionary, Trump Derangement Syndrome is a ” mental dysfunction causing those detractors with hateful thoughts and feelings about Donald TrumpĀ to go unhinged”. There have been 2 very disturbing examples of this in just the past week.

Kathy Griffin, makes a joke?

Kathy Griffin, a self proclaimed D-list comedian, decided it would be a good idea to generate some publicity, with what can only be described as an incredibly tasteless and disgusting photo of herself holding up what appears to be the decapitated head of our current President, Donald Trump.

Decapitated Trump
Deranged Kathy Griffin?

I do not think that any reasonable person would argue that this type of behavior is not somewhat “deranged”. Granted, she calls her self a comedian, which is a common label used to avoid responsibility for ones actions. If you call yourself a comedian, or an artist, you feel you are “allowed” to act anyway you wish and not be held accountable.

Another classic example of TDS occurred this week when none other than Hillary Clinton gave a rather lengthy interview, explaining who was to blame for her loss in November to President Trump.

Why Hillary Lost
Hillary Election Blame Game

I don’t think her time in the woods was much help in putting the 2016 election loss behind her. I understand that losing an election to a first time politician after preparing for years can be disappointing, but Hillary Clinton is supposed to be a career politician, the most “qualified” candidate ever to run for President. Her inability to cope with the loss in November is the best example yet, that there may be something real to the “Trump Derangement Syndrome”.

Trump Derangement Syndrome Leads to Attacks on Barron Trump

I have noticed that TDS seems to be amplified whenever Hillary Clinton is out in public view. An interview with Hillary airs in which she appears a bit unhinged describing the perfect storm of conspiracies it took to derail her Presidential bid. Then there was the disgustingly graphic and disturbing photo put out by Kathy Griffin, but that was only the beginning. Donald Trump is not only the President, he is also a husband and a father.

President Trump pointed out that the graphic image of a representation of his severed head was not something a father wants his wife and children to see.

Tweet about Barron Trump
Trumps Tweet in response to Kathy Griffin photo

I am sure President Trump was angry and upset, but mentioning his son Barron Trump was a mistake in this climate of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Tweets targeting Barron Trump started to be sent out. Either TDS is real, or the Left has become an incredibly disgusting and vile group of people.

Here is one example. This tweet is from an Author of children’s books. Think about that. A man who writes childrens books is publicly mocking the 11 year old son of our President.

Targeting children
Ken Jennings mocks Barron Trump

The Left has been talking about what a monster Donald Trump is, how he is mentally unfit to be President. The Left has dehumanized him so they feel it is okay to attack him, his family, children, and anyone who supports him.

If this is not the result of some kind of real sickness, we are in real trouble. If people have become this nasty and evil while still mentally healthy, that is scarier than half the country being afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome.