Russian Collusion
Corruption and scandal

Wow, October has been a brutal month for the Left.

So far there has been a huge Democrat donor exposed as a sexual predator.

Sexual Predator
Democrat Donor Harvey Weinstein

While all of Hollywood was aware of the allegations and a few actors even made their accusations publicly, Hillary Clinton claimed total surprise upon hearing the news.

Then there was the Uranium One story.

Corruption in the DNC
The Uranium One Deal

Republicans are rightfully calling for a full investigation.

and of course there is the scandal over the Trump dossier.

Fusion GPS
The Trump Dossier

Democrats denied any knowledge that they had paid millions to Fusion GPS for the dossier.


Besides these scandals there are the forgotten stories about the IT brothers hired by Debbie Wasserman Schultz as well as many other Democrats.

Awan Brothers
IT Security breach.

and the trial New Jersey Democrat Senator Bob Menendez for corruption and bribery

Corruption and bribery
Democrat Senator from NJ

Yeah, October has been rough for the Left.