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It has been over 200 years since America began this experiment in Self-Government. I pulled a definition of the term “Self-Governance” from .

U.S. Politics
American Politics

“Self-government is, at root, a culture of public responsibility among a citizenry; that is, a widely accepted norm that citizens can and should take a role in public decision-making.”

While our form of Democracy is far from perfect, it has most definitely proven to be the most successful form of governance in the world today. The idea that, “we the People”, control our own destiny has been a powerful concept and the driving force behind all of Americas success. Over the last few decades it feels like our great experiment has started to slip through our fingers. Politicians are no longer “sacrificing” ┬átheir time in service to their country, but rather using political office as a way to enrich themselves. They, have become more of a ruling class and less servants of the People. That has to stop.

Taking Our Country Back

I have considered myself a Republican my entire adult life. This was not a partisan issue. Republicans as well as Democrats were both equally guilty, and with the 2016 Presidential election, an opportunity arose that would allow us to begin taking our country back.

The United States
Our America

In the begining the 2016 election was shaping up to be just what we had come to expect. There were many candidates but immediately, 2 stuck out abouve the others. Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. This is a great example of what people mean when they say thing like “Republicans and Democrats, 2 sides of the same coin”. You just had the feeling that the election was going to come down to those 2 established names, Clinton vs Bush, and the establishment did not really care which would win because either way, it was going to be business as usual.

GOP Candidates
Republican Presidential Candidates 2016


The American People had different ideas however. On the Democrat side there was Bernie Sanders, self proclaimed socialist, and on the Republican side there were 3 candidates from completely outside of politics. Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina. Voters seemed determined that they wanted change from “business as usual”.

Step 1 in Taking Our Country Back

From my viewpoint, the first step had to be getting a non politician in the White House. Republican voters felt the same way for the most part. Ted Cruz was the only Republican candidate, with a history in politics that was able to gain any traction. Personally, I was determined to vote for a non politician or not vote at all. I was leaning towards Ben Carson because I did not really care for Donald Trump.

This is when the DNC handed us an opportunity. They refused to accept that the country wanted change after 8 years of Barrack Obama and set about ensuring Hillary would be their candidate. Bernie had worried me. Not just is far left socialist views, but the fact that he had energized many young Democrats. The DNC took care of Bernie for us and Donald Trump overwhelmed the GOP. Given the choice between Hillary and Trump, there was really no choice at all, and there was our opportunity. Voters had a chance to put a non politician, non establishment President in the White House.

Non Establishment
Trump the Outsider

Well, we all know the outcome of the historic 2016 election. You can read some more of my thoughts about this election in my earlier article 2016: The Election that Changed Our Future.

Step 2 in Taking Our Country Back

Getting Trump elected was a HUGE first step. I honestly did not think the establishment would allow it to happen. I also had not expected the level of corruption we have seen in the media. Trump has been under attack non-stop since the day he won the nomination. I am beginning to think he might be a Saint or they would have found something to use against him already (lol thats a bit of a joke). Think about it, a Billionaire Real Estate Developer from NY who owned a Casino and was a Reality TV Star, and Democrats, establishment Republicans and the Media could not find enough dirt to bury him? Are you kidding me? It is their non stop attacks that fully won me over into Trumps camp. The brazen bias and partisanship of the Main Stream Media is why step 2 is so important.

Main Stream Media
Media Bias

Social Media is a vital tool for taking our country back. Because the media is no longer the trusted industry it once was considered to be, social media has become a very powerful platform for our President to reach us unfiltered. It may not always be polished and pretty, but tranparency rarely is. Supporters of Self-Governance, as well as our President need to connect through as many social media platforms as possible. Not to create an echo chamber, but rather to create a strong network. Hillary had 1 thing right, we are stronger together. Think of the network we are creating as a voting bloc. A voting bloc that is essential for step 3.

Step 3 in Taking Our Country Back

Now that we have a non Establishment POTUS, and have limited the influence of the Media, we now need to start doing our part to #DrainTheSwamp. In taking back our country we need to start electing people into office that have not yet been corrupted. Corruption is rampant on both sides of the aisle but because Donald Trump ran as a Republican, the Democrat Party has been exposed. We focus on dismantling the Democrat Party first. The election of Donald Trump seems to have unhunged them as a Party, making them vulnerable. We continue building our social media network so that in 2018 we continue our systematic removal of Democrats from office. We vote in those who are willing to work with our President. We look for good people. Honest people. People of character and integrity. People who answer to us. Not to George Soros. Not to the Koch Brothers. Not to the DNC, or even the UN. Democrats have lost over 1000seats in the last 8 years. We will be working with the wind on this, and we will remove Never Trump Republicans whenever we get the chance.

There is no need for hate or violence. This should be a happy time. The ressurection of Self-Governance. Democrat supporters are not our enemies, they are our countrymen (and women). They have been too long hearing the propaganda of the Left in our schools, and from Hollywood, and from the corrupt media. We will show them the way and heal the division.

United or Divided
Who is Dividing America?