A "free and independent" press?

My last entry mentioned what a rough October the Democrats were having. The larger observation, is how the media has swarmed to protect Hillary and the Left.

Much of the media has spent the last few days, since the Trump dossier and Uranium One stories broke, pushing how opposition research is common and Hillary was only 1 of the people who had to approve the Uranium One deal.

Great Gift for Patriots

They don’t see to have the same zest for these stories as they did for Donald Trump Jr meeting with a Russian Lawyer who claimed to have dirt on Hillary but did not.

It just seems the media has lost all interest in investigating stories that might in any way reflect poorly on Hillary or Democrats.

In other news, I have been hearing rumors that some NFL players are planning some kind of protest today. I think they are upset one of the owners made a statement about not letting the “inmates take over the prison”.

Who knew you could make it to the NFL and still be a snowflake playing the victim.

Inmates take over the prison
Bob McNair, Owner of the Houston Texans.

I have heard this common phrase a number of times, along with the similar phrase “patients take over the asylum”. It is fairly common and McNair apologized multiple times.

To have players wanting to walk out of practice or a game over this is laughable, but this it what identity politics does. It creates large numbers of victims just searching for an offence.

I actually find it a little insulting that the media is trying to make the NFL Kneelers an issue of President Trump. It was the fans that took up this issue. The media pointed it out, or we probably never would have noticed Kaepernick on the bench. President Trump only commented on it a season later.

People turn NFL off.
Ratings take a hit

I cannot mention the Kneelers without mentioning

NFL Linbacker
Pat Tillman, Linbacker Arizona Cardinals
US Army Corporal Pat Tillman
Corporal Pat Tillman

The NFL does have its share of hero’s, and I am sure many are not happy with what is happening at their place of work.

I have not read “The Art of the Deal” yet, but the way things are turning against the Left recently, it might be worth a read just in case all that is going on is not just happenstance.

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