Good kneeling
Tim Tebow kneeling in prayer

This will be the first journal style blog post. These posts will be biased towards the People, and against the Global Elites. The Global Elites made a mistake in their arrogance. They were confident they had control of both political party’s, so they felt no need to actually control the vote count. Donald Trump, knowingly, or unwittingly exploited that mistake and has become the 45th President of The United States.

This week 1 of the big stories has been the NFL.

Players disrespecting our Anthem
Not Standing.
Taking a knee

Of course there are consequences for taking a knee.

People turn NFL off.
Ratings take a hit

And it is not just tv viewership.

Attendance is down.
NFL fans are staying home
Attendance down
Not selling out

Personally, I believe this entire situation has been mishandled by the NFL and blown out of proportion by the media. But, I have not watched a game this year.

The Harvey Weinstein scandal has also been big news this week.

Democrat Doner
Hollywood powerhouse

After a year of attacking Donald Trump for an Access Hollywood tape recorded a decade ago, the Left got a Karmic beat down in the form of a huge sexual scandal surrounding one of their biggest donors in their most supportive industry. I feel this scandal is only going to get worse. Already, accusations of rape a pedophilia are coming out. Tapes of Hollywood publicly acknowledging the problem and doing nothing over decades.

I think the Democrat Party is in serious trouble, but we shall see.