The blame game
The buck stops where???

The “Weinstein Effect” continued this week, with more accusers coming out to point the finger at Judge Roy Moore.

Alabama Judge Roy Moore
Republican Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore

As a counter balance, an image and allegations also came out involving Minnesota Senator Al Franken.

Sexual Assault
Then comedian, Al Franken poses for a picture in 2006.

Honestly, this is the type of behavior I would have found funny in high school or college. I think the hysteria over the photo is being overblown. The accusations regarding Franken’s behavior during the rehearsals before the USO show, are more serious, in my opinion.

Of course the Left is still trying to make Senator Franken out as some sort of example because he called for an investigation into himself and apologized? Seriously? They think this makes his situation better than Judge Moores?

First of all, if you are going to compare the 2, you need to remember, Roy Moore may be completely innocent. If you assume Moores guilt, it was still more than 3 decades ago, and his worthiness to serve is clearly the business of Alabama voters. Franken on the other hand, admitted guilt in regards to the image but down played the rehearsal assault claim. So he admitted guilt when there was proof, denied accusations when there was no proof.

As a result of all this new found focus on sexual harassment, Democrats are finally turning on Bill Clinton. More than 20 years too late.

The Infamous Cigar
Bill and Monica

I suspect, the willingness of the Left to condemn Bill Clinton now is only part of a strategy to use sexual allegations against President Trump to get him out of office.

The Presidents Son
11 year old Barron Trump

The “Collusionists” have lost momentum on their Russia story. Their “White Supremacist” narrative never really had the legs to get the result they wanted. I predict we will see a resurgence of the sexual allegations against President Trump in the coming weeks.

Still the same lack of accountability by everyone involved in politics.