Christmas List
What Santa wants for Christmas

Christmas is coming up soon and it was just last year when this video made me laugh.

The Left has not yet begun to feel the Christmas Spirit. They even attacked the First lady in regards to the White House Christmas decorations.

Merry Christmas
The Media even attacks FLOTUS on Christmas Decorations

Melania has been nothing but a beautiful and classy First Lady. But the Left has built their existence on hate.

First Lady Christmas
A Beautiful Christmas

Within 24 hours of stating she would not accept any invitation to visit the Trump White House, Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn suffered an injury.

Olympic Skier
Lindsey Vonn injures her back and pulls out of World Cup Race.

First of all,we should all hope this tremendous athlete fully recovers and is able to compete in the Olympics again.

Secondly, I personally believe that when you allow negativity into your life, it will have negative consequences.

I understand Democrats are still angry over their election loss, but life is too short to be so filled with hate. Relax, enjoy your Christmas, and try to focus on all the positive. Things are actually going much better in our country than the media, or the Democrats would have you believe.

Smile more.

Trump Cat
A Grump Trump cat
Trump animals
Trump Dog in suit

Have some fun this Christmas and click the link below to get some great gifts!