Florida Senator
Senator Marco Rubio

Senator Marco Rubio shares his thoughts about the current state of partisanship in the United States.

This is what this site is all about. Sharing ideas and thought in a productive and persuasive way.  The idea is to first share some of my thoughts on some current events. To voice my opinion in a way that both acknowledges different opinions but explains why I have the opinions I have.

The idea is to write opinions in 500 to 1000 words that lay out my case as to why my opinion has value. To not attack those with a different opinion, but rather to persuade them to understand mine.

My goal is not to fact check those with different opinions. I am only interested in the data or the facts in the sense that they led you to hold your opinion. Lets use the war in Iraq as an example. If you believe that it was necessary to invade Iraq because Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and was intent on using those weapons against the United States, your opinion is perfectly valid based on your belief. If you believe the invasion of Iraq was wrong because the President of this country invaded Iraq for the purpose of driving the price of oil up, that is also a valid opinion based on your beliefs.

The point is, people have become so energized in the discussion, so passionate and intense, that they cannot bring themselves to see the validity of the other side. Hense the name “Trydecaf”. Calm down, take a breath, it is time to listen and try to understand the other side.