Media Bias
CNN under fire...again.

Last week we had ABC publishing a fake story which caused the stock market to plummet 350 points in just minutes.

Fake News
ABC News reports a lie that sends the market tumbling

This week it was CNN pushing a fake story, and they were called out on it by none other than The Washington Post.

Fake news
Is CNN the enemy?

and just because I thought this was hysterical….

Both CNN and ABC dismiss these fake news stories as just simple mistakes. Funny how these mistakes never seem to be made in such a way that favors President Trump or the right.

Over a period of decades the media has been cultivated to create a Leftist ideology atmosphere. It is no longer secret strategy meetings with George Soros discussing what fake stories to put out there. Once the Liberal Atmosphere was created, they all just let nature take its course.

Americas Enemies
The Fake News

In a few days Alabama will be voting to fill their Senate seat. President Trump has come out publicly, and quite strongly, for Republican Judge Roy Moore.

Polls point to a very tight race, but once again, I feel the polls are way off. I think the media has tried to shame the people of Alabama away from supporting Moore, which has resulted in hidden Moore support.

One of Moore’s accusers, has now admitted to lying about writings in her high school yearbook, which she claimed were written by Moore, but in fact were written by her. That gives Moore supporters all the cover they need to get out and vote for him. Combine that with President Trump’s support and a Pensacola rally on Friday night, and I think Moore wins rather easily.

Alabama Judge Roy Moore
Republican Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore

Democrats thought they could grab the high ground with the retirement of John Conyers in Michigan, and the half hearted  potential resignation of Senator Al Franken, but I think they have made a huge miscalculation.

Sexual Assault
Then comedian, Al Franken poses for a picture in 2006.

Democrats have set a precedent of calling for politicians to resign as a result of any credible allegation of sexual misconduct, while Republicans set a precedent that it will take more than just allegations. Though republican Trent Franks did resign under pressure from Speaker Ryan, when he was accused of misconduct in a conversation with 2 female staffers.

I still think this is just the beginning of all the sexual misconduct allegations. There will be many more to come, and there will be hypocrisy on both sides in regards to how they are dealt with.

The Infamous Cigar
Bill and Monica

Lastly, there are stories coming out on Fox News regarding some real problems with the Mueller investigation and the FBI. This story has not really even been touched on the Leftist media. In time the truth will come out and either Fox News will be exposed of pushing a nothing burger story because of their right leaning bias, or CNN and the others will be exposed for ignoring a huge scandal because it was harmful to their Ant Trump narrative.

Donald Trump – The Apprentice

Another interesting week, and another week I think Democrats and the Left came up big losers.

Of course I am biased, so only time will tell if I am only seeing and hearing what I want to hear.

MAGA slogan
Make America Great again

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