Media Bias
The hypocrisy continues

Well November turned out to be an ugly month for politics, and December is not starting out any better.

I want to start off with what, I consider to be a spotlight shining on a tremendous tragedy.

Kate Steinle

Illegal Immigration.
32 year old Kate Steinle.

Do not know much about this girl. She may have been a crazed liberal supporter of sanctuary cities, for all I know.

I do know, she looked to have a beautiful smile and a loving family.

I also know her death was preventable, but for the misguided liberal policies of San Francisco.

The illegal alien, he was no immigrant, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate shot her dead, while she was out for a walk on a pier, with her father and a friend.

Had this been a white Trump supporter who killed an illegal alien, he would have received the death penalty from a San Francisco Jury, but in this case, the Killer was only found guilty of felony possession of a firearm.

Everyone seems to understand if a person dies as a result of the commission  of a crime the criminal is held responsible. Everyone that is, except the people of San Francisco.

I think this verdict will have an impact on any discussions in regards to DACA. Any attempt to ressurect the cause of the “Dreamers” might have died with Kate Steinle.

Democrats were facing a huge negative backlash from the Kate Steinle verdict until the next big story broke.

The very next day after the verdict, General Flynn pleaded guilty to the charge of lying to the FBI.

National Security Advisor
General Michael Flynn

Very convenient timing for the Left. ABC News lied about the plea deal and sent the stock market tumbling.

Fake News
ABC News reports a lie that sends the market tumbling

Funny, how quick ABC News has been to call President Trump a liar, but when ABC attacks the United States with a lie that sends the markets tumbling, well that is just a mistake. Sounds a bit more like Fake News and ABC is an enemy of this country.