2018 Mid Terms
Democrats have no message and nothing to offer.

It has been another long and tense week in politics.

On Tuesday, Democrat Doug Jones pulled off the upset, of Republican Judge Roy Moore in Alabama. I will admit, I did not think that would happen. I was hoping voters had become well enough informed that 30 year old accusations of misconduct would not be enough to ruin a persons run for office. Especially since the only piece of evidence offered, turned out to be forged.

Forged Signature
Alleged Roy Moore yearbook signing

It was a close election and there were a lot of other questionable activities alleged to be going on as well. I believe Roy Moore is contesting the election.

Alabama Judge Roy Moore
Republican Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore

Not much has been heard from Senator Al Franken since he promised to resign over allegations of sexual misconduct. Of course he basically denied the allegations when he said he would resign. My guess is he will try not resigning now.  It was all a stunt to overshadow the Alabama election.

Sexual Assault
Then comedian, Al Franken poses for a picture in 2006.

Sean Hannity and Fox News have been covering a story about bias in the FBI and possible corruption.  To me the most interesting question raised was whether or not the “Trump Dossier” was used to get a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump Campaign. I think if the answer was no, the FBI or the DOJ would have just come out and said “No”. That leads me to believe it was used. That would be a giant scandal, and I don’t think the other news organizations are covering it.

Americas Enemies
The Fake News

In my opinion, if this story proves to be true, it will be a huge indictment of the media, and absolute proof they are working to push an agenda and not provide the news.

The final big story is tax reform. It looks like the bill might make the Presidents desk before Christmas. If that happens, Americans could start seeing bigger paychecks as early as February 2018.

Democrats have predicted death and Armageddon if Tax reform is passed, so this will be another great test for the American voters to see who is telling the truth.

Democrat Apocalypse
Will you get a tax cut in 2018 or…….

Personally, I am hoping I get a tax cut, I can do without the end of the world.