Trump Protesters?


President Trump Sends a Message

So last week was a busy week for the Trump administration. In response to President Assad unleashing another chemical attack on his own people, President Trump sends a message by ordering a missile strike on an airfield in Syria. The message was “Enough”. The United States was done sitting on the sidelines and allowing such atrocities.

Missile Strike

President Trump Sends a Message Again

While the first message could have been misunderstood, Ptresident Trump decided we would be very clear in our messaging and the United States dropped the MOAB on an ISIS stronghold in Afghanistan. The message was “Enough!”. No longer would the United States tip toe around when dealing with Islamic terrorists.

Massive Ordinance Air Blast
“Mother Of All Bombs”

For the most part, most of the civilized world applauded these actions. Our allies seemed happy to see America step up once again. Our enemies were uneasy that our new President was committed to action rather than rhetoric.

The results of those strong military responses won’t be fully known for a while, but you will notice that Russia has come out and said their support for Assad is “not unconditional”. Granted, I believe these statements came before the actual missile strike but it seems Putin understands things are now different.

Real or Fake News
The Russian Connection

You will also notice that China is now focused on helping get North Korea under control. It just so happens the Chinese President Xi Jinping was meeting with President Trump to discuss North Korea, when he learned of the strike against Syria. You can be assured, the message was not lost on China.

Chinese President
President Xi Jinping

This is what is meant by “Peace through Strength”. 59 missiles launched, one MOAB dropped, around 110 casualties of which there were, to my knowledge, zero innocents. A clear message was sent. A show of force, and a President who was willing to use that force, and we now have everyone’s attention.

Combine that with the support of our allies around the world and our enemies are rethinking their behavior. I noticed a lot of support from Americans on social media as well. This brings us to The Left. The Democrats have 100% committed themselves to the #NeverTrump movement as a way of keeping the support of their base and George Soros.

While, I find this position by the Democrats to be counter productive, it is hard to blame them when you consider what their base has been up to.

This weekend the Liberal Democrat base organized Tax Marches across the country, in an attempt to force President Trump to release his taxes. Never mind that Donald Trump has been audited almost every year for a decade and has been found to have paid what he owed by the IRS. Forget that when Liberal MSNBC host Rachel Maddow aired Trumps 2005 tax return, they showed that he had paid a higher tax rate than Obama, Bernie Sanders, as well as Comcast who owns MSNBC where his taxes were aired. Don’t pay attention to the fact that George Soros, who likely funds most of these protests, owes billions in back taxes, as does Democrat leader Al Sharpton. Well Sharpton probably only owes millions. It is not like Sharpton has a job.

The Left just wants to protest. Trump had a good week which garnered him some support and the Left just cannot have that.

Besides the ridiculous,useless, tax marches. There was a Trump rally at Berkeley, held by Trump supporters and that set the Left off. Under the guise of fighting fascism, the Left organization ANTIFA, dressed like terrorists attacked Trump supporters and started rioting. Nothing says anti fascism like physically attacking anyone whom with you disagree.

So, a good week for President Trump and America quickly followed by a week of the continuing de-evolution of the Fascist Left. Eventually the good Democrats are going to start abandoning ship as the far left leaders keep pushing their party farther and farther to the radical left.

When your party supporters start to resemble ISIS, your party is going to continue to struggle.

Trump Protesters