Missile Strike

Just a few months into his Presidency, Donald Trump faces his first major foreign policy decision.

On Tuesday, April 4th the Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun was hit by what was believed to be an attack with sarin gas. The images that were broadcast around the world were incredibly sad and disturbing.

Victims of Gas Attack
Syrian Gas Attack

President Trump responded quickly, and decisively. There was no prolonged plea within the UN to build support to condemn this horrific act. President Trump ordered a missile strike on the airfield from where the attack was launched.

On April 6, 59 tomahawk missiles were launched with the purpose of destroying that airfield. After years of doing nothing in response to Syrian acts of aggression towards its own people, the United States would now respond.

Why is this such a big deal? Because this signals a shift in US foreign policy. Here is a very clear contrast between how President Obama approached this issue and how President Trump responded. It is not often Americans get a chance to witness 2 such totally opposite responses to such similar situations.

We saw, over some years, the affect of how President Obama responded. I think it would be fair to say President Obama took a very cautious approach. Whether you agreed with how Obama handled the situation or not, it was not crazy. There is nothing crazy about being cautious before firing off missiles.

Now, we will see what happens when the United States responds with a strong show of force. A very different philosophy. Again, not a crazy response, just different. We will have the opportunity to judge for ourselves which style is more effective.

Personally, I agree with President Trump and his response. I think the strike on the airfield sent a very clear message not only to Assad, but to the whole world. America will no longer stand by and watch horrific crimes be committed against innocents.

Syrian President
President Assad of Syria

I am all for slowing or even stopping the flow of refugees into our country from Syria, but that does not mean I do not want to help. I just believe it makes more sense to help Syrian refugees in their home country.

I must say, I feel proud of America and President Trump today.

Trump Responds
President Trump and President Assad

Right, or wrong, I know I feel better that we are trying to do something and not just talking about things.