Political corruption
A light in the dark

It seems to me that there is one very troubling point concerning any investigation into Russia and their involvement in the past election. Everyone seems to want to over look the fact that Democrats claim Russia interfered by exposing American voters to the truth about the Democrat Party.

Party Corruption
Political Dishonesty

The accusation was never that the Russians made up lies about Hillary or the DNC. The accusation was that, through Wikileaks, Russia hacked the DNC and Podesta emails and exposed Democrat corruption and wrong doing.

Hacked emails

How did US politics become the “bad guys” in the world. Putin, the former KGB man was able to take the moral high ground over the Democrat Party. The KGB is more moral than the Democrat Party?

Putin and the KGB.
Russian KGB

Is this what things have come to? After 8 years of the Liberal Democrat, President Obama, the US has become the “bad guys” of the world.

In order to try and undermine American confidence in our election process, Russia chose to expose American voters to the truth about our Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton. If there is a better case against the Democrats,I have not heard it. When the KGB makes you look corrupt compared to Russia, things have gotten out of hand. Democrats have no one to blame but themselves. Democrats think Donald Trump is pure evil but he was still a better option than Hillary Clinton and Liberalism.