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Objective Media or Propaganda

One of the most important things that Donald Trump accomplished by running and winning the Presidential election, was exposing the media as the government propaganda tool it has become, and not the objective media it was once thought to be.

It is not the Democrats. It is not the Republicans. The media is controlled by those who control both parties. Call them the “establishment” or “one per-centers”, the New World Order, or Globalists. The point is Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Bush. These people have always been just puppets of those with real power. People like George Soros, are closer to the top, but personally, I think the real power at the top, have remained anonymous.

I have always hoped that Donald Trump was outside that. He is a billionaire though, and a celebrity as well, so I knew it was always a possibility, that Donald Trump was a part of the problem I was fighting against. I knew it was possible, but the more I saw how the media and Hollywood reacted to him, once they was a real possibility he might win, well, the more I felt, just maybe Donald Trump was a true outsider.

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The media solidified my decision to support and vote for Trump. It has been no secret the media is biased towards the Left, but they always kept up the charade that they were neutral. Just reporters of the news. Just the facts. Once it became clear that Trump could win, the charade evaporated.

No Longer in the Shadows

No longer did the press care whether America knew they wanted Hillary as our next President. No longer would they hide in the shadows. They would come right out and push for the candidate they wanted to win.

Think of NBC’s Lester Holt during the debates. He basically attacked Donald Trump. He challenged every answer Trump gave. The biggest story at the time was Hillary’s emails. Did he challenge Hillary with tough questions? No, his only reference to the Hillary emails is when Donald Trump brought them up after Holt continue to press Trump about his tax returns. Holt’s question to Hillary about her emails, the biggest story of the time. “Mr. Trump referred to your email, would you like to respond to that?” Seriously? After spending 5 minutes attacking Trump on his tax returns, that is his big “gotcha” question for Hillary? It was pathetic.

Now think back to ABC’s Martha Raddatz, during the debates.

Now remember, this exchange with Raddatz occurred during a Presidential debate Raddatz was actually moderating, and here she is debating one of the candidates herself.

You might remember, Martha Raddatz actually cried on air when Hillary lost. That is some pretty obvious bias.

Now this next video clip is a my favorite. Not really about the media coverage so much as a montage of some peoples election thoughts.

Okay, I just love that last video. Nothing like pompous, tv personality’s having to eat a little crow…lol

So why did no one think Trump could win? The media had been attacking him nonstop. The presented all the coverage of Donald Trump starting with the assumption, that he was a racist and a bigot, and that he only was running to build his brand. They presented Candidate Trump in that light, and then conducted polls over weighted with Democrats.


Better Assumptions lead to More Accurate Predictions


I, on the other hand, started with the assumption that maybe Donald Trump was just a wealthy man who wanted to give back to the country he loved.

Sounds kind of silly but when you start with that assumption all the pre election data starts to paint a much different picture. I viewed all the big crowds at Trump rallies, all the massive numbers of social media numbers, as voters who loved Trump and were excited for the election. I predicted Trump would win easily. I shared that prediction on my Facebook page along with the reasons for it. I was one of the few who expected a Trump win. I was just surprised that Hillary got so much of the popular vote. I actually think voter fraud was the reason for that, but that is another story all together.

Now back to the media bias. It was pretty obvious during the campaign, during the debates, and if you look at the polling data you can see its effect there. I have talked about just a few examples, a quick search on Google or Youtube will produce many more.

So once Trump wins you might think the media, being the professionals they claim to be, would just move on to covering the news. Ha! Here are just 2 more clips I found to be specially telling. One is MSNBC election night, and one is CNN a few months into Trumps Presidency.

Any honest, reasonable person has to admit, the media is no longer the objective, independent press it pretends to be. ┬áMaybe it never was but now, thank to their hatred of our President they have been exposed. Thanks to social media, their bias has been exposed and shared around the globe. You will here more and more of the media talking about the fake news on social media. They are absolutely right. I lot of fake stories have been shared around on Twitter and Facebook. I have been fooled a couple of times myself by a photo shopped image or a fake news story. But when Facebook itself tries to filter out the “fake news” you end up with more censorship. I would much rather contend with some kid in his parents basement spreading fake news than a major media outlet like CNN.