Turkey Pardon
Every move President Trump makes is under scrutiny.

Thanksgiving 2017 has come and gone. The first holiday season under President Donald Trump.

So far, the United states has fared very well under his leadership. Of course you would not know it if you were to listen in at Democrat headquarters.

Crazy Democrats
Liberal Holiday Season

and don’t expect anyone show any respect for our President just because it was a time for giving Thanks.

Holiday Turkey
A time to give Thanks.

I believe the “Draining of the Swamp” has commenced.

Swamp Creature
Draining the Swamp

A lot of dirty laundry is in the process of getting aired. The economy is looking strong, and tax reform looks to be on the horizon.

I understand why Democrat politicians are unhappy, but Democrat voters should be starting to see, that President Trump is not the Harbinger of the End as the Leftists would have you believe.

If you look at things with an open mind, you just might conclude that Donald Trump is Making America Great Again!

Make America Great Again
MAGA Gear for Christmas.