Vladimir Putin and Trump
Trump Russia collusion?

Donald Trump Jr. and Russia?

This is going to be a short post because his needs to be completed fast as this story will likely be forgotten in a few days. I am not going to go into a lot of details except to say in June of 2016 Donald Trump Jr took a meeting with a  Lawyer who claimed to have incriminating information on Hillary Clinton. Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort were also included in this meeting.  Of course all the Left heard was Donald Trump Jr. and Russia!

The Trump Administration
Don Sr, Don Jr, and Jared Kushner

The media frenzy which ensued was really something to behold. They have been pushing the false Russia narative for almost a year but things had been getting quiet on that front as no evidence had, as of yet, been discovered. Nothing they could point to and say “There!, See we were right all along”, and there in lies their problem.

So desperate has the Left become, so crazed, that they jump on every tiny thing they can to try and tie President Trump to Russia. It has become the entire Democrat platform. If there is no connection to Russia, then the Democrats have nothing to run on, and 2018 is coming up fast.

It has also become obvious that, with the possible exceptions of FOX and OANN, the rest of the news media has thrown in with the Left. They have all become like a jealous spouse. Everything Trump does is seen as evidence he is having an affair with Russia. Everything is looked at through that prism, and because of that, the Left has lost the ability to see things in any other way.

This is very similar to what happened before the election. The Left saw candidate Trump through a prism of racism, sexism, and greed. They never considered that just maybe Donald Trump was a decent man who loved his country. As a result, few on the left saw his election win coming. They had shown an evil man to voters, and did not realize that the voters were not buying it.

Now, they are again painting a dark picture of our President. They have replaced racist and sexist, with traitor, and Russian agent. It is not working. Take away the lie of Russian collusion and all you have left is a meeting of a political campaign with someone who claims to have dirt on the opponent. It happens all the time, and so,  the voters are not buying it, and the Left is going to pay a very high price for this come November of 2018.