We must fight for freedom
Voluntarily giving up freedom

It has become more and more apparent, since the election of Donald Trump, that Democrats are determined to undermine our Democracy. They care nothing for our constitution, or the rights of our people.

In one of the most telling moments during the 3rd debate, Donald Trump is asked if he would accept the legitimacy of the election results. Be reminded, that he is asked this question while the election itself, is still a couple of weeks away.

Donald Trump states that he will make that call once the election is over and Hillary Clinton claims to be “horrified”. Hillary and the MSM have never heard such a frightening attack on our democracy before. View the exchange yourself while keeping in mind what happened after the election.

So think about this for a few minutes. The media and Democrat leadership contend that any questioning of the legitimacy of the Presidential election is a “horrifying” attack on Democracy. It would be unprecedented and perhaps the beginning of the end for our nation.

Now, think about what they really meant by that. They meant, is that no one should question Hillary Clinton winning the election, no matter what she did to do so. Once Trump won, the legitimacy of the election has been questioned non stop. According to Democrats own words. They have been attacking our Democracy every day since election day, and they show no signs of letting up.


This is Tom Perez, the new DNC Chair continuing the attack on our democracy as recently as the past few days.

So if we judge Democrats by their own words, they have initiated a “horrifying” attack on our democracy.