Relax with Coffee
Try Decaf

Social Media is a great place to share opinions and ideas, but lately you may have noticed, especially if the topic is politics, that the discussion is getting shut down before it even gets started.

Today, debates are not framed as “point and counter point”. They are framed by “attack and counter attack”. Think about the executive order that President Trump signed which restricted Travel from a number of countries, to the United States.

Right or wrong, these types of restrictions have occurred quite often over the last few decades. ┬áRepublican, as well as Democrat Presidents have issued these types of restrictions. It seems such a restriction is issued we could have honest discussions about the merits of such restrictions. In the past, maybe that would have happened, but not today. Today the discussion starts out…

-if you approve of the restriction then you are a fascist, or a xenophobe. You are paving the way to the US to become the next Nazi Germany.

-if you disapprove the restriction then you are un-American, a subversive, and a hypocrite.

Discussions that begin from the positions above go nowhere. They solve nothing and only give rise to more division among people and rising anger.

It is time for us all to calm down and relax. Maybe try decaf for a while. Ha! see how I worked the name of the site in there? We really need to start presenting our ideas in a more productive way. If 1/2 the country is as stupid and evil as the other half claims they are, we are in serious trouble. It is time to start speaking to each other again.