Politics in Hollywood
Actress Meryl Streep

This post is going to be very similar to my previous post regarding the NFL and politics. Hollywood has always leaned to the Left politically, but lately they have become extremely vocal in attempting to force their political views down our throats.

This is the type of video that would tend to set me off, but in the spirit of trying to be understanding of others with a different point of view, and trying to help people understand my point of view, I am going to try and explain why I have such a problem with this video and others like it.

Like I explained in an earlier post “The NFL and Politics”, movies are an escape from reality for people. I see Robert Downey Jr. and I think Iron Man. I am not thinking “Who does Iron Man think I should vote for?”.

Now since I voted for Donald Trump, I find this video especially insulting. But those of you who voted for Hillary Clinton should find this kind of condescension equally insulting. They came right out and said it in the video, voting for Hillary is so important you needed lots of famous people to tell you to do it. Do any of you really believe, that being in the movies or on tv, somehow makes you a more qualified voter? So qualified that the regular votes need someone of your expertise to tell them who to vote for?

Now I won’t be able to enjoy the Avengers movies anymore, because the spell is broken and I know that the Avengers are just everyday people who are out trying to manipulate others. I felt the same way when I saw Clint Eastwood, one of my favorites, go ona rant about President Obama back in 2012.


For better or worse, I can make up my own mind. Celebrities just need to keep their political opinions to themselves.