Acceptable Violence
Leftist Hate

Attack on the Republicans

A lone gunman opened fire this morning on a group of Republican Congressmen who were practicing for a charity baseball game against their Democrat counterparts, in Alexandria, Virginia. The attack on the Republicans began after the shooter first asked an exiting congressman whether or not the people on the field were Republicans or Democrats. Upon fining out it was the Republicans practicing, the shooter commenced firing.

You can read all the detail of the attack on the Fox News website. It has been accepted by all that the 2016 Presidential election was one of the most divisive in recent memory, and since Donald Trumps victory, things have only got worse. In an ironic turn of events, the attack on our democracy, which Hillary and the main stream media predicted because Donald Trump would not commit to the election results before the election was even held., came not from Donald Trump and his supporters, but rather from Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, and the media.

Normalizing Violence.

The Left began to attempt to normalize violence directed at President Trump, or anyone who supported him. It began immediately after the election. You heard Loretta Lynch call for “blood in the streets” if necessary to remove Trump from office.

You saw Leftist protesters rioting in the days after Trump’s inauguration.

Then President Barack Obama and losing Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton did very little to try and calm their supporters. The real irony was that the most damaging riots occured in areas that had voted heavily for Hillary.

Many many members of Congress boycotted the incineration in an attempt to de-legitimize Trumps Presidency. Trump was called a Fascist and a Racist in the media. Comparisons to Hitler were common. The dehumanization of Trump had begun in earnest. Celebrities like Madonna talked about wanting to “blow up the White House”.

Yes, I am showing many video clips because you have to see this awful behavior to believe it. Ashley Judd also had something to say.

Needless to say, this went on non stop for weeks. There was Robert De Niro telling the public he wanted to punch the President in the face, Rosie O’Donnel, Meryl Streep, to name a few. The public watched this every night and day on their televisions and their computers. Saturday Night Live, Late night talk shows, everyone was piling on.

Not only were these people attacking and insulting President Trump, they were attacking the office of the President and all 60,000,000 Americans who elected him.  After a couple months of these attacks you had to wonder how there were no physical attacks on the President or his family. Democrat Politicians also got into it as well as the media. Making up an entire Russian hacking and collusion narrative.

Maxine waters in the news calling for the impeachment of President Trump. For no reason except he was not Hillary Clinton. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer all were out there every day taking shots at our President. Things were still just warming up. They meant to have an attack on the Republicans at any cost.

Then things took a more violent turn

Comedian Kathy Griffin came out with her disgusting portrayal of President Trumps decapitated head.

Decapitated Trump
Deranged Kathy Griffin?

Then there was the Shakespeare in the Park portrayal of Trump,s assassination.

Trump assasination
Shakespeare in the Park

All of this with no outrage on the Left. Either silence or defense claiming free speech, comedy, or art as an excuse.

Now I have only covered a very small percent of what has been happening but with today’s attack on the Republicans in Alexandria, there is really no doubt why this happened. The shooter, who was killed, bears ultimate responsibility, but beyond that, it was not the gun, it was not Trumps campaign rhetoric, and it was not racist cops.

It was The Fascist Lefts and the mainstream media’s continuous dehumanization of the Right and normalization of violence as an acceptable way to display their unhappiness with the results of the last election. This has to stop, and stop now. Donald Trump is our President. He is the President of every American Citizen. If you do not like it….TOO BAD. Get used to it or get out. It is that simple. That goes for Democrat Politicians, as well as the media. You can once again voice your unhappiness at the ballet box in 2020.