The blame game

Sunday November 19, 2017

The "Weinstein Effect" continued this week, with more accusers coming out to point the finger at Judge Roy Moore. As a counter balance, an image...
Main Stream Media

What Happened to the Objective Media?

Objective Media or Propaganda One of the most important things that Donald Trump accomplished by running and winning the Presidential election, was exposing the media...

Thursday October 19, 2017

Behavior does not get more disgusting than that of Rep. Frederica Wilson, a Democrat from Florida. She attacked President Trump in regards to a...
The Presidents Son

Trump Derangement Syndrome and Barron Trump

What is Trump Derangement Syndrome? What started out as a tongue n cheek description of the emotional state of those who wanted Hillary Clinton to...
Media Bias

Saturday December 9, 2017

Last week we had ABC publishing a fake story which caused the stock market to plummet 350 points in just minutes. This week it was...
Daily Press Briefing

The Rules Changed for Sean Spicer

Press Secretary Sean Spicer When President Trump chose Sean Spicer to be his Press Secretary, I am sure Spicer understood that this would be a...
Political corruption

How Democrats gave up the high ground.

It seems to me that there is one very troubling point concerning any investigation into Russia and their involvement in the past election. Everyone...
Unfiltered news

Is the Real Donald Trump Twitter a Good Idea?

In November 2008, The New York Times ran the headline "How Obama Tapped into Social Networks' Power". The article puts a rather positive spin...
Hillary lost

Monday, October 16, 2017

Tonight is Monday night football and Colin Kaepernick has highlighted the NFL Kneelers again with a grievance file against the NFL. Read the details...
U.S. Politics

2016: The Election that Has Changed Our Future!

By now everyone realizes that 2016 was not a normal election year. Since most of the posts you will find her at Try Decaf...

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