Gun Control

Wednesday November 15, 2017

A lot going on this week. One of the big stories is the Judge Roy Moore scandal. Just weeks before the election in Alabama, multiple...

The Hypocrisy of Politics

We all have experience the hypocrisy of Politics in some form or another. If you are a Democrat, you have probably noticed that Trump...
Trump Nationalism

Trump Nationalism

Trump Nationalism - A Dark Force "Make America Great Again", "America First" are 2 of President Trumps most popular slogans. He ran a successful campaign...
U.S. Politics

2016: The Election that Has Changed Our Future!

By now everyone realizes that 2016 was not a normal election year. Since most of the posts you will find her at Try Decaf...
Vladimir Putin and Trump

Donald Trump Jr and Russia

Donald Trump Jr. and Russia? This is going to be a short post because his needs to be completed fast as this story will likely...
Florida Senator

Senator Marco Rubio has some Wise Words

Senator Marco Rubio shares his thoughts about the current state of partisanship in the United States. This is what this site is all about. Sharing...
Unfiltered news

Is the Real Donald Trump Twitter a Good Idea?

In November 2008, The New York Times ran the headline "How Obama Tapped into Social Networks' Power". The article puts a rather positive spin...
Wikileaks and Seth Rich

The Murder of Seth Rich – DNC Staffer and Whistleblower?

Seth Rich was a DNC Staffer Seth Rich was employed by the Democratic National Committee. In the early morning hours of July 10, 2016, Rich...
Known Liar.

Susan Rice Unmasked

News organizations came out of the woodwork to attack President Trump for his "false" accusation that the Obama Administration wiretapped Trump Tower. Here we are...
Global Warming

The Paris Climate Agreement and President Trump

What is the Paris Climate Agreement? In December of 1015, representatives from 196 nations met in Paris and made a pact to adopt green energy...

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