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President Trump has been in office now, for a few months. He has completed his first 100 days. The media and the Democrats have been attacking him non stop every single day he is in office. Every word he says is analysed for any possible mistake, real or perceived. One area the media deliberately avoids talking about, is the economy. The economy and jobs is the one area where the American People have had the most confidence in Donald Trump.

Is the Economy getting better under President Trump?


To start with I want everyone to think back to election night and the weeks just before the election.

Billionaire Mark Cuban, predicted the stock market would crash if Trump was elected. He told the public he was certain about this and was taking action to protect his investments in the unlikely event that Donald Trump would actually win.

Cuban went on to say how Donald Trump was lazy and was not putting in the work necessary to be President.

Mark Cuban on the election
Billionaire’s Donald Trump and Mark Cuban

The Stock Market since Election day.

Lets start by taking a look at the S & P 500. Mark Cuban and financial experts predicted the collapse of the financial markets if Donald Trump won the election. Below is the a list of some of the biggest S & P rallies between election day and inauguration day.

Stock Market rally
S&P Post election day rally.

No, Donald Trumps election did not break any records in this regard, but it was the biggest S&P rally since Bill Clinton’s re-election saw a rally of 8.8%. Not exactly the crash that you heard predicted by the media.

Of course, before the inauguration is one thing, how about after?

Here is how Trump ranks among past Presidents in his first 100 days.

The S&P 500

Trumps Stock Market
S&P 500 first 100 days.

Here Donald Trump ranks number 5. Barack Obama comes in 4th after his second term.


Stock Market performance
The Dow Jones during the first 100 days

Here President Trump comes in 7th place and President Obama comes in 4th during his second term. Once again, President Trump not the best,but a far cry from the disaster the “experts” predicted.

Consumer Confidence

Another metric that the media seems very hesitant to report on is Consumer Confidence. Below is a graph illustrating The CCI (Consumer Confidence Index) since 2014

The Consumer Confidence Index

Consumer confidence is at its highest level since 2000. Once again, the election of Donald Trump does not appear to be having the disastrous effect that was predicted by the media.


While using unemployment number can be a little tricky at times due to the fact that the unemployment rate only counts those people who are actively looking for work. But since unemployment numbers have been the primary focus over the last 8 years, lets see how things are going.

According to the Department of Labor, unemployment claims at the end of April fell to their lowest level since 1988. That is 28 years ago. The April Unemployment rate of 4.5% is the lowest in a decade. Of course there is my favorite, The Labor Force Participation rate, which had been steadily declining during Obama’s 8 years, has started to turn around.

Working Americans
Labor Force Participation Rate

Although I personally do not consider illegal immigration a true economic metric, it was a primary focus of the Trump campaign so I will mention this as well. While the exact number varies depending on your source, most sources state that illegal immigration is down between 60-70% since Donald Trump took office. Please note the word “illegal” which precedes the word immigration. This is a huge drop. It seems not having a President who encourages illegals to come here, has an impact, and we have not even begun construction on the wall yet.

Now you can do your own research but all the data here has been pulled from reliable sources. Places such as Market Watch, and the Department of Labor. I will admit to getting a few tidbits from questionable sources like CNN or MSNBC, but since those sources skew their data against President Trump I felt it safe to use certain data.

Now compare what you read here, to what you have been hearing from most news and media outlets recently. You have probably been under the impression that President Trump is off to a terrible start. Really? The facts do not actually back that up. Read my article about whether the Media has become the Enemy of the American People.

The media is trying to push you to think the way they want you too, but President Trumps first 100 days have exceeded all my most optimistic expectations and I think we are in for a great 8 years!